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The 8 Most Common Turn-Ons (That You Probably Don't Expect)

Find something new to love about your relationship. Get familiar with the things that turn your partner on. Here are a few you probably never thought about before.

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1. Warm Weather.


Use the weather to your advantage. A paper by Matthew Vess of Ohio University suggests that in most people's minds, warmth is associated with intimacy. So hotter climates naturally lead to more thoughts about other hot activities.

2. Being Happy.


It's all about your perspective on life. A 2008 study found that happy people have ten times more sex than those who consider themselves unhappy, contrary to what most of today's angsty television dramas would suggest.

3. The Time Of Day.

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Know when to act. A 2012 survey concluded woman are most amorous at 11PM on Saturday night.

4. The Color Red.


Dress to impress. Seeing the color red not only signals dominance, it causes the body to increase adrenaline secretion and raise blood pressure, triggering an increase in sexual stimulation for any person.

5. A Hurricane.


Make the most of inclement weather. A YourTango poll during Huricane Irene showed couples seem to think sex is hotter during a storm, as they're forced to stay inside and stay occupied for hours at a time.

6. Music.


Put on some music. A 2012 study found that in some cases music can be more arousing than touch. We've got a few suggestions to get you started.

7. The Holidays.


Use the calendar to your advantage. Studies have shown a sharp increase in sexual activity around winter holidays, and in the US, conception rates reach a peak in December. Tis the season!

8. Little Gestures.


Don't forget the little things make a big difference. According to Couple's Therapist Sharon Gilchrest O'Neill, little gestures like helping with the groceries or bringing your partner a cup of coffee when they first get up in the morning really adds up. A physical connection is nothing without reinforcing the mental and emotional.