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10 Ways To Surprise Your Partner At Work

So you both spend a lot of time at the office. That's no reason to drop the intimacy. Forget flowers. Get creative and put a smile on their face, any time of the day. These suggestions might seem simple or obvious, but sometimes the simplest gestures are the most endearing. Get closer, so you can go further.

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4. Text them something simple but thoughtful, like a haiku.


You probably think it doesn't make much of a difference, but even something as simple as a text with more thought than the usual salutations can brighten their day. Plus, it's a nice way to share a moment together without alarming everybody around the two of you.

5. Write them a letter.


Handwritten letters are such a personal touch to communication, and just about completely lost in today's world. It's another way to have a private moment without actually being together.

7. Hide a note in their wallet or purse.


Nothing too crazy. Just a little reminder that you were thinking of them this morning. Things like this might seem silly but if used every now and then, are an excellent surprise reminder guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

9. Send them a song, or a clip from a movie that's special just between the two of you.


Email a link to a song. Maybe it doesn't even need context. Just send it along to show you were thinking of them.

10. Send them something they might be interested in, like an article or news story.


Show them you were listening the other night when they expressed interest in this or that. It may not seem like much, but it's something they are sure to notice.