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Fall Out Boy's Latest Song Basically Broke Twitter

A few months ago Fall Out Boy announced a delay on their release on their new album M A N I A in an effort to round the sound out better, but that hasn't prevented them from releasing new music and the announcement of their new foundation. This Thursday's most recent release was the song "The Last of the Real Ones" and the internet about exploded:

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First this was posted to Twitter and Facebook late Wednesday night:

Pete Wentz has taken to posting handwritten thoughts on all their new music just before releasing the singles. This one was posted at 12 am EST and the reactions on twitter were golden,

Comparisons were immediately drawn between both eras

The llamas in the video were immediately compared to 2 Chainz in their 2013 surprise release "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)".

Which laid groundwork for the chronicle style videos

With their usage of the same style in 2013, people already are stressed out about the death of Pete within the 2017 videos.

One thing almost all the fans agreed on are the ridiculous credits being the best part

One thing all the guys in Fall Out Boy adore, regardless of the fact that they are nearing 40, is the world of meme culture. They definitely did not disappoint with the credits at the end of "The Last of the Real Ones".

But really, the internet had no way of preparing themselves for the gift that is Fall Out Boy and what is truly going to be a spectacular album.

Only four months and three days until the release of M A N I A, but it's not like I'm counting or anything...

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