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15 Basic Things People Do In Southern California

Do you participate in the following? Congrats, you qualify as basic!

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1. Taking photos of your food before you eat it

2. Going to trendy caf├ęs to "study"


3. Burrito on the beach snapchats


4. Beach Photoshoots

5. Snapchatting your workouts

6. Saturating those sunset Instagrams


7. Snapchatting photos of your Starbucks or Better Buzzed

8. Not going to class because the weather is nice


9. Not going to class because the weather is bad


10. When it is below 65 degres, get ready to break out your wind breakers and patagonia sweatshirts!


11. Snapchatting when it is raining out because we don't experience weather in Southern California

12. Acting casual about knowing all the latest dance moves

13. Wearing lululemon to school but not working out after

14. Paying $7 for a latte with nonfat coconut milk, light ice, and two extra shots of espresso


15. Taking trendy photos in front of colorful walls

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