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What's Your Phone-Oscope??

What does your phone say about you? As many know, your horoscope often tells a little something about who you are. But your phone does too! Look for the cellphone you own below, and learn your phone horoscope- AKA your phone-oscope!

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A new iPhone

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Full of confidence and energy, you know how to make a good first impression. You always are down to go out and spend some money to have a good time. Quick and smart, you come across as knowledgable no matter what you're talking about. Although you don't like to admit it, you care a lot about what people think and the confidence is sometimes just an act to cover up your insecurities.

An older iPhone

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You like to play it safe and think thoroughly before you act. Always making the smart and mature decisions, you are looked up to for advice and guidance. Although you used to feel like an outcast and socially awkward, you have learned how to own it and succeed anyway. Although, sometimes your caution holds you back as you don't step out of your comfort zone, or over think things and miss out on life's exciting surprises!

A Google Pixel

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You pride yourself in your individuality and expressiveness. Creativity is your strongpoint- whether it be through photography, art, writing, or dancing. You always know the coolest, most hip places to go. Many look at you enviously as you always seem to have exciting things going for you. You insist on taking the path less travelled on, which always gets you into some some wild situations. Sometimes you might come across as pompous or snooty, so always be sure to remain thoughtful and humble!

A new Samsung Galaxy

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Talk about loud and talkative! You know how to keep a conversation going, and make new friends no matter where you are. Known as the chatty, courageous, always-energetic type, you are always ready for fun activities! Although you often find it hard to focus, your enthusiasm inspires others around you! Some may find you overwhelming, but your smile and laughter is contagious and lifts everyone's spirits! Just always be sure to occasionally bring yourself back to ground level and not get too crazy!

An older Samsung Galaxy

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You don't like being the centre of attention- some might call you a wallflower. Avoiding crowded and loud environments, you're happiest at home with a good book or catching up with your favourite TV show. Organized and neat, you hate having a messy house or room. Your circle may be small, but your close friends would call you kind and thoughtful, and know that you will always be there to listen and show that you care. Sometimes, try taking a risk and doing something that scares you!

A less flashy Smart Phone

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You don't take life too seriously and are in it for the ride. Easy-going with a dash of adventure, you know how to have a good time at a party, a hike, or at work. Everyone knows you as down-to-earth, non-judgmental and very low-maintenance. You sometimes slack and often procrastinate, but you always manage to pull through and succeed at the end. Sometimes life situations need a bit more time or money that you usually want to put it, so be sure to step up when the time is needed!

A Flip-Phone

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To be honest, it's a little surprising that you found this article! You have a strong sense of traditional and family ties. You are a hard worker who knows how to get things done. You are extremely proud of your many accomplishments- as you should be! In terms of activities, you like to keep things local and simple, such as a movie or perhaps a good long walk. Although you may get overwhelmed easily, no one can hold it against you because you mean the best. Make sure to always be learning and seeking new things and to not stay too dependent on the familiar!

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