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18 Tips For Doing Summer Like A Pro

It’s the best season! Get the most out of it this time around with plenty of cannonballing, beaching, and grabbing a Nestlé Drumstick to raise sky high.

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1. Come out of that hibernation…

2. Have a quick look in the mirror…

3. Then run like a crazy person!

4. Don't stop running until you hit water!

5. But protect yourself.

6. We’re not joking. Wear all the SPF.

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7. And some super-cool shades wouldn't hurt.

8. Great! Consider yourself invincible.

9. Stop worrying about swimsuit season (it’s here!).

10. Swim like the majestic creature you are.

11. But if you ate something, maybe wait 30 minutes...

12. you don’t feel like this.

13. (and always look out for danger)

14. Show off those skills you worked on all winter.

15. Don't forget to mix things up—hit up the park.

16. Grab something sparkly.

17. Never miss the chance to do this!

18. And always have one of these guys…

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