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15 Things From Childhood We'll Never Get Sick Of

You're an adult, but you're still human. It's okay to still like cartoons, sprinklers, and tasty ice cream cones. So grab a Nestlé Drumstick, and raise it high!

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1. Saturday morning cartoons

Discotek Media / Via

Now it takes you until about noon to get started, but they're still just as great.

2. Grilled cheese for dinner

Or lunch. Or breakfast. Or a snack. Or for all of these every single day.

3. Video games

This rule applies to Mario Kart exponentially more than others.

4. Parental love

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

The older you get, the less embarrassing it feels.

5. Playing with sprinklers

"BRB! I need to change out of my fancy adult clothes so I can run around in this geyser of hose water."

6. Naptime

The best part about childhood is the still best part about adulthood.

7. Being pushed around in strollers / Via

Fun fact: you never grow out of wanting people to do stuff for you.

8. Using a Magic 8-Ball

NBC / Via

"I'm counting on you to help me figure out everything."

9. Or asking a Ouija board

Getting advice from inanimate objects (or the spirit realm) never stops being a thing.

10. Sparklers

This is pure joy on a metal stick thingy.

11. Driving like a boss

Our vehicles just get bigger and bigger to match our increasingly awesome maneuvering skills.

12. Reading comics

Books with pictures? Always and forever.

13. Paper football

HBO / Via

GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! (and a paper-cut. owwwwwww.)

14. Bubble baths

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Do not come between a grown human and his/her desire for some quality me time.

15. And last but not least... getting a drumstick!

floapodaca / Via