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10 People Who Definitely Deserve A Break

Life gets hard sometimes, and these people certainly could use a a treat to get through the tough times. When life gets overwhelming grab a Nestlé Drumstick and raise a cone to yourself - you earned it.

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1. This tiny superhero who's feeling overwhelmed by all the choices he faces:

Eneas De Troya / Via Flickr: eneas

2. These grandparents who clicked on the wrong web site:

3. This swimmer who should've checked the water first:

4. This ingenious security guard who worked a double today:

5. This house painter who just can't win:

6. This guy who might've accidentally packed his cat in his haste:

7. This young man who just can't anymore:

8. This accountant who can't figure out which ones of his gosh darn phones is ringing:

9. This seamstress who is working way too hard:


10. This student who can't figure out where she misplaced her copy of Les Mis:

When you really need a break, grab a cone. You deserve it.