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5 Reasons You Are A Secret Drummer At Heart

Caught yourself tapping out a beat on your legs at school? Trying to spin a pencil like a drumstick or saying "this song is starting to drag" during gigs? They might just be signs that you have been infected by the dangerous and life-altering mutation - you are a drummer! Here are five signs that you are already living with this condition.

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Tapping out drum beats

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You don't even need a pair of sticks! You are practically a drum machine anyway, tapping out drum beats on your legs, already including complex fills. You can play softer beats before building up to the crescendo of the "song"...a pity your legs are taking a battering! Symptoms include slightly red legs, burst blood vessels and a slight overconfidence that you already know how to hold a down a beat.

Frustrated drummer "tricks"!

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Individuals who are developing early signs are likely to display behaviour that they would describe as "tricks" but in fact, is more closely related to "frustrated drummer ticks". Spinning your pencil around like drumstick, trying to do a drum roll with two pencils or hitting various objects to see how they sound are clear signs that you are coming down with the infection of being a drummer.

Is that 3/4 time?! This song is dragging! Wait, did you notice the song speeding up?

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Verble symptoms are also common with individuals that are likely to develop into early stage "drummers". Comments like "is this 3/4 time?", "this song is starting to drag" and any reference to the song's tempo increasing should be taken seriously. It is likely that these individuals have already gone onto third stage drum player fever.

Own a drum kit? Chances of recovery are slim!

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Once an individual has bought their first drum kit recovery is hard. Indeed, drummers will often divert money needed for food, rent and owning a decent car into $400 cymbals, a new snare or vital piece of drum equipment that is then stored and rarely used. At this stage, there is a very slim chance of a drummer being able to return to society as "normal", instead, those around them will have to adapt to their new condition - often with the need of earplugs, enthusiastic "interest" in their drum stories and agreement that everyone else in the band was out of time! If you know someone who might be suffering or slowly becoming infected with the drummer disease comment below!

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