The Error Messages That Every Computer User Fears

Some people fear monsters. Others are scared of the dark. But it’s fatal error messages that terrify the masses. Check out these common, perplexing, and all-around-horrible messages that the best computer systems in the world use to tell us our data’s time has come to pass into the afterlife. Hard drives don’t live forever, so make sure you back up your data with Drobo - and enter for a chance to win a free backup system by liking them on Facebook.

1. The Shattered Windows

This Blue Screen of Death (perhaps better known as the BSOD) from a Windows 98/Windows 98SE/Windows ME operating system indicates the worst. And it’s become the best known and most spoofed error message of all-time.

2. The Linux UX Nightmare

You need to be a nerd to see it. And an even bigger nerd to understand it.

3. The iWannaCry

It’s perfectly Apple to be clean and simple. Unfortunately, their fatal error message is completely the opposite.

4. The Riddler

When your hard drive fails with Mac OS, you may encounter this question with no answer other than to totally freak out.

5. The (Oxy)moron

To error is human, to forgive this kind of insanity would be divine.

6. The SNAFU

Good lord. Hide the women and children.

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