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22 Badass Styles You Need To See And Try Immediately

Denim has never looked hotter. You never know where you might find your next style inspiration.

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1. She is totally crushing the pattern game:

2. She proves that all that glitters is gold:

3. This guy is reworking the button-up:

4. And this woman is slaying solids and stripes:

Model Instagram: @jadeanouka / Via

5. These shades and pink skirt are out of this world:

6. This guy's knit sweater will make anybody look forward to winter:

7. This lady crushing it in just an oversized jersey:

8. He knows how to rock a good denim outfit:

9. And she proves that pigtails never went out of style:

10. She is owning her bob and floral dress:

11. He knows how to dress up a classic white T-shirt:

12. This woman is bringing some edge to her outfit with sheer tights:

13. She proves it's all about the details:

14. This dapper man is taking stripes up a notch:

15. This proof that everything is better with the right splash of color:

16. These bearded bros know it's all about a strong boot game: / Via Facebook: twelvestonesphotography

17. Her two-tone hairstyle is kicking some serious ass:

18. This guy will make you fall in love with tartan:

19. This minimal use of color shows her ~wild~ side:

20. This colorful lady proves you can never wear too much pink:

21. This woman can rock the shit out of a ponytail:

22. This guy who knows that leather and layers are timeless:

Whether you want a classy or a grungy look, Dr. Martens make everything a little more badass.