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The Gadget Guys Foundation Connects Those In Need With Tomorrow's Technology

A recent Pew Research Survey shows that many still lag behind in device ownership.

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Founded in 2015, The Gadget Guys Foundation provides access, education and technology products to under-served communities including disabled individuals, seniors and those living on or below the poverty line.

"Today's technology is awe-inspiring, but is not available to all. We aim to do something about that through this foundation," he said.

The Gadget Guys Foundation not only makes technology accessible, they also make it friendly. They do this by teaching people on their terms and at their pace. With one on one instruction or the option of a group setting, the organization can overcome any learning curve or disability that might stand between the individual and the ability to use technology. Their volunteers take technology to people's doorstep, so that they can learn how to use technology where their devices already are, helping ensure that individuals know how to maintain the technology they have.

A recent Pew Research survey found that while 68% of Americans have smartphones and 45% have tablet computers, ownership of other digital devices has not grown in recent years.

"I am not surprised that device ownership is still stalled," said Tres Watson, founder of The Gadget Guys Foundation.

"For many in our under-served communities, using a computer, connecting with friends and relatives on Facebook or finding information online is out of reach," he continued.

Disabled individuals, seniors and those living on the poverty line may not have access to technology that most take for granted.

Another aspect of the foundation's mission is to empower individuals to greater social mobility and inclusion. Thus, they go beyond devices when it comes to making technology accessible. Their work also includes, aiding the disabled with assistive technology and SmartTech devices. Assistive technology is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and also includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them.

Recently, the group helped a proud Marine and veteran of WWII, by installing a SmartTech grab bar in his home. He was having trouble getting into and out of the restroom because of his disability. The foundation along with their sister organization, Consider it Done, completed a retrofit of his bathroom with ADA grab bar technology to make life just a little easier.

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