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    22 Reading Nooks For Kids That Will Make You Drool (TBH, I Am)

    These children's book nooks are amazing and, honestly, I want one!

    When I was a kid, all I wanted was to have Belle's library from Beauty and the Beast

    Now everyone I know is having kids, and talking about giving their kids a little reading nook, basically, so they can live like a mini-Belle. Yes, I'm jealous. Have you seen what's out there?

    There are beautiful reading walls:

    With some walls inspired by actual books...

    And others with seating space:

    Or a Bench

    And of course space for the parent to be comfy:

    And Oh So Many Cosy Book Corners:

    Check out this cosy reading tent:

    And this more-advanced book tent:

    Or this hygge reading corner

    And some sort of insane reading bubble

    And how cute is this IKEA upgrade?

    You can get fun with the theme

    Or keep it minimal

    Nice muted colours keep it soothing.

    Add some string lights to make it cozy

    There are also book nooks with some privacy

    Or for those who get creative with space:

    Gauzy curtains to make it dreamy

    Hidden Book Nooks are ideal for all ages, really

    Take the Reading Loft example:

    Or the Narnia-like reading Wardrobe

    Reading caves are cool too:

    Now excuse me while I spend all my imaginary money on an imaginary child...