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Tips To Prevent Yourself From Hair Loss

Everyone wants to have strong and shiny hair because it makes you look good and gives you confidence. But now hair loss has become a very common problem and every other person is suffering from it.

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If you are losing more than 100 strands a day, you should be worried about it. Hair loss is curable, here are several things you can do to prevent yourself from it.

Use Fenugreek

Make a paste of fenugreek seeds and apply it on your scalp for 40 minutes. Using it for 30 days will reduce your hair fall because fenugreek contains nicotinic acid and hormone antecedents that help to rebuild hair follicles. This will also add strength to your hair.

Never Experiment

Leave your hair in a natural condition and don’t try to experiment with them. Avoid constant heating, drying, cut down, bleaching or any other thing like that because all these things will gradually change the structure of your hair and you will start losing them.

Correct Shampoo

Always choose a shampoo according to your hair condition. Avoid using a shampoo which has harsh chemicals in it because that might damage the hair. If you think you are losing more than 100 hair daily then you must use anti-hair loss products.

Visit A Dermatologist

Check your medical history because there are several medical conditions that can cause hair fall. Consult to your doctor and try to find out the reasons behind hair loss and treat yourself according to it. Ask if a hair transplant is necessary. Cost of hair transplant in Turkey is suitable for everyone as they treat their patients with best techniques.

Use Clean Comb/Brush

Don’t forget to wash your comb and hair brush regularly. Have a look at your comb/brush and see how much dirt they have gathered which can lead you towards hair fall. Always use a clean comb or brush for your hair because it is very necessary for the health of your scalp.

Don’t Tie Your Hair Too Tight

If you are using tight pulling and clips on daily basis, stop it right now because this way you are contributing to your own hair loss. Tight ponytails, tight braids can cause hair fall. Use an elastic rubber band and wear your pony lower than the height of your ears.


There are several exercises that are very helpful for increasing blood flow to the scalp. Exercise is necessary for healthy hair growth because it will help to release your stress and will produce happy hormones in your body. Exercise on daily basis will provide nourishment to your hair roots and will unclog the hair follicles that will create space for the new hair to grow.

Use Aloe Vera

Eating one teaspoon of aloe vera in the morning can reduce hair fall. It has alkalizing properties which is helpful in reducing scalp itching. Aloe vera contains enzymes that kills all the dead cells of the scalp and greatly promote hair growth. Aloe vera juice is very effective in preventing hair loss.

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