13 Families We Wish We Were A Part Of

Real talk: Some families just do it right. Here are a few households that remind us of the importance of having fun with your loved ones, and to get started, put a few scoops of Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream in a bowl and enjoy the quality time.

1. This one, because look how serious they are about safety!

2. This one, because look at this Lego cake!

Tama Leaver / Via Flickr: tamaleaver

3. This one, because they make Cyclops look cute!

davitydave / Via Flickr: dlytle

4. This one, because they clearly have fashion sense.

austinboardman / Via Flickr: austinboardman

5. And this one, because they prove lunch is the meal of champions!

6. And can you imagine how epic this family’s game night is?

1000heads / Via Flickr: 1000heads

7. This one, because they clearly know what hashtags are!

8. This one, because someone built her a fort that’s probably bigger than your apartment.

THX0477 / Via Flickr: 59195512@N00

9. This one, because it’s pretty awesome to have Iron Man pick you up from school.

10. And this one, because they’re really pushing the boundaries of s’mores.

Valerie Everett / Via Flickr: valeriebb

11. This one, because they’ve got big plans for when school’s out for the summer!

12. Or this one, because they have their very own season of Top Chef going on!

EvelynGiggles / Via Flickr: evelynishere

13. And lastly, this one — because they have a special place for you to put your criticism.

heyexit / Via Flickr: qf8

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