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A Definitive Ranking Of Spontaneous Smiles

Crack a smile — there's no better time than the present. And in case you've forgotten, here are the absolute best types of smiles, inspired by Dreyer's.

10. The "Look What I Found!" Smile

There's so much potential in a simple walk through the woods. Bugs, flowers, secret paths - no one gets more jazzed about an afternoon walk than a curious kid.

9. The "I'm Learning!" Smile

You know what's great about being young? There's still so much to learn, and it's all low-hanging fruit. Read a book the whole way through? AWESOME!!!

8. The "Look What I Can Do!" Smile

Remember when you figured out how to swing without needing a push? Remember when you finally went down the slide without the help of an adult? Yeah. Those were big moments for you.

7. The "I Lost Another Tooth!" Smile

Losing baby teeth is a rite of passage... and somewhat stressful. But when they finally come out, that's one step closer to being a big kid, and another dollar in the pocket. Thanks, Tooth Fairy.

6. The "You Found Me!" Smile

The great thing about hide-and-seek is that it doesn't require any game pieces or admission tickets. Another great thing is that the anticipation and excitement that goes along with being found never goes away. Don't believe us? Challenge some friends to a a round now. You'll see.

5. The "Oh My Gosh Thank You!" Smile

Whether it's a gift on their birthday, an extra scoop of ice cream at dessert, or even just a high five — you can see the "thank you" written all over that kid's face.

4. The "I'm Flying!" Smile

Fun fact — kids are pretty easy to toss around. They don't weigh much. So grab one, sit on something cushy, toss 'er up, and watch those smiles rain down.

3. The "Thanks, Mom" Smile

What's better than seeing a kid's face light up? Not many things.

Pro tip: an efficient way to make this happen is to place ice cream near said kid.

2. The "Look What I Made!" Smile

One thing's for sure — kids take their artwork very seriously. When they draw, or paint, or glue popsicle sticks together, they want everyone in the immediate area to see the masterpiece they've made. And there's nothing better than seeing their faces when you agree that their work is genius. Revolutionary.

1. The "Can I Hold Her?" Smile

Give a kid real responsibility, and they'll go above and beyond. Nothing says "you're a big girl" like trusting her with something important. Give it a shot, and watch their eyes light up.

All gifs by BuzzFeed / Kweeston