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15 Pictures Every Mother Has On Her Phone

SPOILER ALERT!!! They're all photos of kids. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras — otherwise these little moments would go unrecorded. Stop to smell the roses with Dreyer's. Because it's ice cream!

1. A few years' worth of first days of school.

Courtesy of Cassie Withrow

2. A million messes that you don't have the heart to be angry about.

Courtesy of Samantha Pratt-Wagner

3. Child sleeping in a position that can't possibly be comfortable.

Courtesy of Sammye J. Douglas

4. A screenshot from an epic video chat.

Courtesy of Kateri Devlin Rossi

5. A picture to prove that the 10-hour road trip was worth it.

CC by http://2.0 / jakesmome / Via Flickr: jakesmome

6. Various backyard shenanigans.

Courtesy of Warren Lee / Via Instagram: @warreng98

7. The pure joy associated with taking an ice cream break in the summer.

CC by http://2.0 / edenpictures / Via Flickr: edenpictures

8. Exceptional haircut bravery.

Courtesy of Sammye J. Douglas

9. That rare moment of beautiful sibling harmony.

Donald Iain Smith / Getty Images

10. The first time eating solid food.

Courtesy of Kateri Devlin Rossi

11. A particularly noteworthy hairstyle.

Courtesy of Liz Wockey

12. A sneaky pic of father/son bonding.

CC by http://2.0 / sudhanshugoyal / Via Flickr: sudhanshugoyal

13. Potential blackmail to keep the kids in line later in life.

CC by http://2.0 / mad_cows / Via Flickr: mad_cows

14. So many blurry pictures of soccer games.

CC by http://2.0 / gfurry / Via Flickr: gfurry

15. And of course — the illustrious Accidental Baby Selfie.

Courtesy of Amy Koffsky