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15 Pictures Every Mother Has On Her Phone

SPOILER ALERT!!! They're all photos of kids. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras — otherwise these little moments would go unrecorded. Stop to smell the roses with Dreyer's. Because it's ice cream!

1. A few years' worth of first days of school.

2. A million messes that you don't have the heart to be angry about.

3. Child sleeping in a position that can't possibly be comfortable.

4. A screenshot from an epic video chat.

5. A picture to prove that the 10-hour road trip was worth it.

6. Various backyard shenanigans.

7. The pure joy associated with taking an ice cream break in the summer.

8. Exceptional haircut bravery.

9. That rare moment of beautiful sibling harmony.

10. The first time eating solid food.

11. A particularly noteworthy hairstyle.

12. A sneaky pic of father/son bonding.

13. Potential blackmail to keep the kids in line later in life.

14. So many blurry pictures of soccer games.

15. And of course — the illustrious Accidental Baby Selfie.