12 Ways Imagination Can Turn A Normal Day Into An Adventure

Normal days can be awesome… if you’ve got imagination. So much potential for great family moments. Share them with Dreyer’s.

1. A quick stop by the lake…

Tiina & Geir / Getty Images


…turns into an epic search for an elusive monster.

2. A toss in the air…

frankiefotografie / ThinkStock


…turns into a superhero’s flight.

3. A plain old blanket fort…

Allen Donikowski / Getty Images


…turns into an elaborate castle.

4. Making dinner…

moodboard / ThinkStock


…turns into an inventor designing his new device.

5. An outdoor ice cream treat…

Fernow / ThinkStock


…turns into SPACE ICE CREAM.

6. A boring ride on the subway…

Philippe Regard / Getty Images


…turns into a deep-sea diving adventure.

7. A daily dog walk…

Jupiterimages / ThinkStock


…turns into a gladiator running to battle with his noble steed.

8. Watering the plants…

monkeybusinessimages / ThinkStock


…turns into feeding a giant, magical beanstalk.

9. An evening of homework…

Chiyo Hoshikawa/a.collectionRF / ThinkStock


…turns into two mad scientists testing their new formula.

10. A quick game of hopscotch…

Creatas Images / ThinkStock


…turns into DON’T TOUCH THE LAVA!!

11. A bit of yard work…

Ingram Publishing / ThinkStock


…turns into a fearsome pirate counting her booty.

12. Daily bath time…

Alisa Kalinina / Thinkstock


… turns into frolicking mermaids.

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