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12 Moments From Today That You Almost Missed

Don't blink! We know you're busy, but chances are you're missing some truly amazing moments. Grab some Dreyer's, and take a second to appreciate the little things.

1. The moment when the season changes, and you notice new things growing in your neighborhood.

CC by http://2.0 / calamity_photography / Via Flickr: calamity_photography

That's why your block smelled so nice this morning.

2. The moment when the sun starts peeking through your blinds in the morning.

CC by http://2.0 / helmuthess / Via Flickr: helmuthess

3. The moment when your cat stares at you lovingly.

4. The moment when the girl on the bus gave up her seat to someone who needed it more.

Getty Images / Brent Winebrenner

5. The moment when the couple on the park bench decide that they very much like each other.

CC by http://2.0 / taqumi / Via Flickr: taqumi

6. The moment when a giggle turns into a full-blown laugh attack.

CC by http://2.0 / boudewijnberends / Via Flickr: boudewijnberends

7. The moment when two different generations find some common ground.

CC by http://2.0 / Trevor Leyenhorst / Via Flickr: 10213764@N02

8. The moment when the baby discovers the swing set.

CC by http://2.0 / david-hilgart / Via Flickr: david-hilgart

9. The moment after a long day when father and son rehash their days.

CC by http://2.0 / pagedooley / Via Flickr: pagedooley

10. The moment that completely unique pup eagerly wanted to play with you.

CC by http://2.0 / fw42 / Via Flickr: fw42

11. The moment when the girl felt like a real princess.

CC by http://2.0 / nmchronicles / Via Flickr: nmchronicles

12. The moment the sun sets, and the sky is a color you've never seen before.

CC by http://2.0 / easylocum / Via Flickr: easylocum

They happen every evening, you know.