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10 Reasons Why This Is The Cutest Card Game Ever! "Bite Me Cutie" On KICKSTARTER

"Bite Me Cutie" is a new card game on Kickstarter! The game is a combination of pop-culture, japanese anime, adorable animals, and food! Bite Me Cutie is for all ages and is easy to learn for a quick play through. Fun to play with your family, at Anime or Comic Conventions, or with a group of friends at school. Feed your favorite Cuties, protect them, and fight for more! Help us bring this game to life by viewing our Kickstarter, sharing, and backing. Happy collecting! KICKSTARTER LINK:

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2. 2 different kinds of decks that are playable.


2 Decks! The basic deck which is balanced and fun to play & the Sketch deck featuring some new cards and a more unforgiving game for players to really dish it out on each other.

9. The decks are designed and ready just need an extra push to make it a reality on Kickstarter!


The decks are fully designed and ready to be produced, we just need a lil'extra push through Kickstater to make this kawaii game a reality. Share & Back the "bite me cutie" Kickstarter Here:

10. It's created by Youtuber Thien Vuong aka RealTDragon!


Lastly it's made by youtuber Thien Vuong aka RealTDragon, well known in the cosplay & convention scene whom made the card game to play with friends at cons or on the road! With 40k subscribers & over 20 million views, the creator learned to illustrate and design to create this card game. Channel:

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