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11 Crappy Things That Someone Will Do In Your Fantasy League

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1. Tell you everything about all 8 leagues he's in.

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2. Veto every trade, in 12,000 words or more.

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3. Tell you all the reasons he should've beat you last week. Buddy, YOU LOST.


4. Intentionally take your handcuff player just so they could offer to deal him to you.

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5. Repeatedly ask you for lineup advice.

6. Only set their lineup the one week they play you. Of course, you really need that win to make the playoffs.


7. Insult one of your players with the hopes of trading for him.

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8. “Forget” to pay their entry fee and then disappear off the radar.

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9. Forget the day of the draft and accidentally autodraft the best team in the league.

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10. Try to trade their bench players for your best player.

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11. Invite their co-worker to play in the league even though he's, like, the worst.

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