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Paid PostOct 16, 2013

11 Reasons Why Showering Is The Best Part Of The Day

So fresh and so clean. Whether you're showering in the morning or at night, it can be the highlight of your day. Put your body wash to the test. How does it perform next to Dove Body Wash?

It's a great excuse to play with bubbles.

It can invigorate you.


It's the perfect opportunity to sing your heart out.

Or unwind with the warm, steamy water.

Frederic Cirou / Getty Images

You can wear a mask.

Jetta Productions/David Atkinson / Getty Images

Or play with toys.

You can sooth your body and mind with amazing smelling things.

Crank the water up and grab some body wash to combat a hot, muggy day.

Dornveek Markkstyrn / Getty Images

You can reflect on your deepest thoughts.

The feeling of a warm bathrobe is absolutely glorious.

And a blast of cold water at the end can be totally refreshing.