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Canadian Airlines Are Rescuing Their Travelers, American Arlines Is Charging

American Airline, really?

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Canada is sending planes to rescue Canadians to Escape Hurricane Irma. America Arlines is Charging.

Canadian airlines are sending their planes to the Dominican Republic as well as Turks and Caicos to bring people back to Canada following the strong winds of Hurricane Irma approaching the area. Hurrican Irma, is probably considered to be the most powerful Atlantic Ocean in hurricane history. It started in the Carribean overnight According to the U.S National Hurricane Center in Miami, Category 5 storm had maximum sustained winds of 295km/h. Canadians had to leave today being provided with emergency airplanes if they have their Canadian Passports. However, American Airline is charging around $2000.

Snapchat User from Canada highlighted the Issue on their Story

Canadian Passenger explains the situation.
A / Via Instagram

Canadian Passenger explains the situation.

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