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13 Superstitions That Might Be Weird Enough To Work

Couldn’t hurt to try? For a stroke of casino luck, sample these rituals recommended by DoubleDown Casino.

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3. When in Sweden, walk over HALF of the manhole covers.


In Sweden, some of the manholes cover fresh water and the others cover sewage. If you accidentally walk on one of the sewage ones, you'll need three pats on the back from a stranger to fix the bad luck.

6. Get your hair cut on Good Friday, and you'll never need Advil again.


Catholics put a lot of emphasis on Fridays, especially on Good Friday. It is said that if you get your hair cut on Good Friday, you'll spend a whole year without headaches.

11. Only use one door when you enter your new home for the first time.


Irish tradition recommends you exit through the same door you enter on that pivotal first day. Also, it is recommended that you bring rice with you. This custom is similar to throwing rice on a new bride and groom.

13. Put your underwear on backwards to become rich.

Many cultures put an emphasis on underwear traditions, especially regarding color. Eastern European tradition promotes wearing your underwear backward for good luck, even if it's on accident.