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12 Experiences That'll Turn A Crummy Day On Its Head

You might not see them coming, but these small moments really make all the difference. Embrace these little gems, and feel the rush of winning every day with with the many authentic Vegas games available at DoubleDown Casino.

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1. Your boss emails the whole company saying everyone can leave early.

2. Getting $20 in the mail from your parents "just because..."

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3. Getting in your bed at night, forgetting that you washed your sheets that morning.

4. Cashing out and NOT getting charged for adding guacamole to your meal.


5. You put your music playlist on shuffle and every song is ON POINT.

6. Coming home to your DVR surprising you by recording a marathon of your favorite show.

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7. Not wanting to cook and realizing you have that BOMB leftover pizza from the night before.

8. Closing your tab and realizing you've been charged happy hour prices all night.

9. The package you ordered that was supposed to take 2–3 days ends up arriving the next day.

10. Grabbing your empty pack of gum and discovering one hidden piece waiting just for you.


11. Frantically running to your car hours after the meter expired and seeing there's no ticket.

12. Your roommate calls you on a Friday to tell you they'll be out of town all weekend.