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11 Times Life Raises The Stakes

Uh-oh. Things just got real. When it feels like the odds are stacked against you, use the DoubleDown Casino Hot Streak Finder to see when luck is on your side.

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2. When you say: "Today is the day I start running no matter what."

Even if it becomes a swim.

4. When a leisurely trip to the mall turns into a cross-country odyssey.

6. When you find a Craiglist ad for a "gently used" ball pit complete with "approximately 10,000 plastic balls."

7. When you desperately need some fresh air.

10. When the white elephant party bestows this heavenly gift upon you:

They're mini... so that's basically like health food, right?

11. And when your friend posts on Facebook that she has three healthy piglets that really need homes.

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