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10 Situations That Require An Expert Poker Face

A poker face comes in handy in more places than just Vegas. Brush up your steely-eyed stare for whatever life throws at you and get the rush of poker whenever you want with DoubleDown Casino.

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1. Your friend makes you dinner... and it's disgusting.

2. You return a rental car after a weekend of hard driving.

3. You misinterpret a gesture and need to play it off.

4. You get stuck on a bus with a crazy person.

5. You order the spiciest curry on the menu to prove you're a badass, but now your mouth is lava.

6. Your friend shares a terrible idea for a movie script, and you have to be supportive.

7. You accidentally eat all of the freshly baked cookies.

8. Your roommate asks you if you like their new haircut, and you can't be honest.

9. Your friend starts Game of Thrones, they have no idea what they're talking about, and you can't reveal any spoilers.

10. A relative insists on sharing details about their sex life.

Start practicing your poker face and let DoubleDown Casino put the excitement of Vegas in the palm of your hand.