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12 Signs You Need A New Bra

If there's duct tape involved, it's time. Get help from the bra masters on the new season of Double Divas, premiering August 6 at 10/9 c on Lifetime.

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1. It doubles as a chew toy.

2. You'd need to drop by a home improvement store to get the tools to fix it.

Lauren / Via Flickr: attercop311

3. It didn't have those yellow parts when you bought it.

How Can I Recycle This / Via Flickr: recyclethis

4. It went to a Prince concert without you.

5. You found it somewhere that wasn't your bedroom.
Paul Downey / Via Flickr: psd

6. Really, ANYWHERE that isn't your bedroom.

7. Your grandmother has the same one.

Sung Sook / Via Flickr: linsay007

8. You bought it at a dollar store. On clearance. In fifth grade.

Allan Ferguson / Via Flickr: kid_pro_quo

9. It's held together with office supplies.

10. You have to bandage the wounds it inflicts.

11. You've *ahem* outgrown it.

12. Your latest DIY project went...overboard.

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