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35 Facts About 2014 That Will Make You Feel Old

Let's recap.

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1. Will Smith is now older than Uncle Phil was in the first episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

2. He's also one year older than the original Woodstock.

3. Anakin Skywalker looks like this now.


4. Here's Beans from Even Stevens today:

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5. The Motorola Razr is a museum artifact.

6. It's been eight years since Dick Cheney shot that guy in the face.

7. It's also been eight years since you could have sex in Grand Theft Auto.

8. Sonic turned 23 years old this year.

9. Luigi turned 31.

10. Game Boy is now a Game Man at 25 years old.

11. Leonardo DiCaprio turned 40 years old this year.

Getty Images Michael Loccisano

12. It's been 20 years since his first Oscar nomination.


13. It's been nine years since someone who wasn't white hosted the Oscars.

Getty Images Carlo Allegri

It'll be 10 in 2015.

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14. Napster's been around for 15 years.

Getty Images Chris Hondros

15. So has this playlist.

16. This one's 10 years old.

17. Justin's infamous ramen noodle hair turned 15.

18. Taylor Swift is 24 years old and has 28 singles that have each sold at least 1 million copies.

Getty Images Jamie McCarthy

Actually, Taylor is 25. (She looks really good for her age!)

19. It Takes Two came out 19 years ago.

20. Miley Cyrus was 3 that year.

21. She's... changed her act.

Getty Images Paul Kane / Peter Kramer

22. Brad Pitt turned 51 years old this year.

23. It's been 15 years since he wore a bunch of cute dresses in Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone

24. It's been 17 years since the last time Gwyneth Paltrow got to do it with him...

Getty Images Brenda Chase / Hulton Archive

...and nine years for her.

Getty Images Carlo Allegri

25. The first Friends episode aired 20 years ago…

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… the final Friends episode aired 10 years ago.

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26. Family Guy has been on television for 15 years.


27. Jerry Seinfeld was 35 when Seinfeld started. He is now 60.

28. If Bart Simpson were a real person who aged, he would be 35.

29. It's been 10 years since the last episode of Rugrats. This is how old the Rugrats would be if they were real people.

30. Christine Cavanaugh, the voice of Chuckie, died this year. She was 51.


31. Kurt Cobain has been dead for 20 years.


32. So has Richard Nixon.

AFP / Getty Images LUKE FRAZZA

33. Aaliyah died 13 years ago.

34. Marissa's been dead for eight.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

35. 1998 is as far away as 2030.

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