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    Everyone Should Learn The "Cruel Intentions" Kiss

    A breakdown of the greatest kiss in cinematic history.

    First things first: Just relax. Take off your sunglasses.

    Then, move in slowly with your head tilted slightly to the right.

    Close your eyes.

    Open your mouth just a bit and graze the left side of their nose with yours.

    Place their top lip between both of your lips and lightly suck on it.

    Maintain contact with their lips as you slowly open your mouth again. Don't forget to breathe.

    Briefly glance the tip of their tongue with yours. You're officially making out now.

    Make the next kiss a little firmer. Go for some more tongue and give a little suck to their bottom lip.

    This time open wider, inviting their tongue in for a closer visit.

    Be sure to give it a nibble before it can make its escape.

    Slide back up to their top lip for one a final peck. Make it count with a delicate bite.

    Don't worry if things get a little wet. That's a good thing.

    Finally, make it short and sweet...

    ...and keep 'em wanting more.

    World peace could probably be achieved if we all learned to kiss like this. Thanks for the life lesson, Kathryn!