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23 Times Vine Literally Could Not With This Zayn News

Cover your ears.

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1. What the heck, Zayn?!

2. Seriously, bro.

3. Look at these real tears.


5. This fan is just like, no.

6. This one actually literally can't.

7. This one is ~so obelievably Saturn~ about the news.

8. Some fans are resorting to conspiracy theories to help cope with the news.

9. If only we had a time machine.

10. The news has left this fan with #NoChill, Zayn.

11. This Vine speaks louder than words.

12. You've left this fan speechless, Zayn. Not the one who is moaning "noooo" in the the other room, the one right in front of your face!

13. You've ruined birthdays, Zayn.

14. Your decision is forcing children to leave class to hide in the bathroom.

15. You're messing with the education of children, Zayn!

16. You better watch your back, Zayn.

17. Seriously.

18. For reals, dude.

19. It seems that Wikipedia has already moved on.

20. And some fans have accepted reality.

21. Other fans, not so much.

22. Thankfully, a few fans see the positive side to your decision, Zayn.

23. Unfortunately, for most Directioners, this Vine says it all. Too real, too real.

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