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All About Burning Mouth Syndrome

If you’re visiting a dentist, and you start to feel a burning mouth, your dentist might tell you that it’s burning mouth syndrome. Now the name might seem funny, but it’s not fun to deal with. It can affect your mouth tissue, and there isn’t really any sort of cause for this. This article will go over the condition known as burning mouth syndrome.

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Now, it’s what the name suggests. It essentially means that your tongue, cheeks, lips, throat, and even your gums feel like they’re on fire. Now, there isn’t a single cause for this, and there isn’t a way to really test it, because it’s different in every person. It can either flare up because of something else or even happen on their own, and often the condition is hard to treat.

tongue out

tongue out

The symptoms do vary as well in everyone. Some people might feel some irritation, or it might be numb. Some might feel a small burning tickle, and others might feel like their mouth is on fire. It affects everyone in a different manner, and it’s very hard to properly diagnose. There are also changes in tastes that occur with this, such as maybe tasting a metallic sort of taste, or not even tasting anything period. Often, suffers of this does feel a dry feeling in their mouth along with more thirst as well.

How long this lasts definitely do vary as well. Some might get little flare-ups that only last a few months. Other times, it can be weeks, moths, or even years, and it could be around all the time, or not all the time. if you have ever had mouth ulcers, it can definitely make a difference in how long this does last, and it is a factor.

There are a few preexisting conditions that you might have that cause burning mouth syndrome. Nutritional deficiencies, dentures that don’t fit, allergic reactions to gels, various adhesives that don’t fit right, various foods that don’t agree with you, if you have tissue trauma, acid reflux, oral ulcers, and oral fungi can cause this. Sometimes, if you have this already and you get stressed or anxious, it can also cause a flare up in you as well.

While you might not have a cure-all for this, and sadly because it doesn’t have one cause there might never be one, you can see Eugene Oregon dentist in order to help with these treatments. You’ll be able to combat a ton of the pain so that it doesn’t become too worse, and from there you’ll also be able to really help yourself by making sure that if there are life triggers that attribute to this, you work to handle them on your own so that you’re able to really have a mouth that works. Making sure that you treat this is essential, and because of that, it’s important to see a dentist right away if you believe something is wrong with your mouth too.

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