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16 People Who Boldly Defy All Conventions

Live your life to the fullest. Doritos – For the Bold.

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1. This guy who might just be part monkey:

2. This guy who's always wanted to be a washing machine:

3. This man who's really the headless horseman:

4. This kid who's taking push-ups to the next level:

5. This guy who answered the question "how low can you go?":

6. This woman who believes that going to the gym should be fun:

7. And this guy who thinks she's right:

8. This man who believes driving should only be done indoors:

9. This dude who thinks bowling in his own lane is too easy:

10. This girl who thinks parallel parking is no big deal:

11. This guy who believes in taking the most direct path:

12. This biker who doesn't think much of gravity:

13. This kid who is actually a swivel chair:

14. This skater who thinks actually skating on a skateboard is so 1990s:

15. This goalie who thinks catching the ball is overrated:

16. This guy who doesn't waste a second getting into bed:

Doritos – For the Bold

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