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    11 Beauty Products You Can Make Yourself Using Only Five Ingredients

    The power is in your pantry.

    Most likely, you already have these five ingredients in your kitchen.

    Their powers combined, these ingredients can be used to create homemade beauty products to improve the health and look of your skin, hair and nails.

    1. Whip up egg whites and lemon juice for a safe face cleanser.

    2. Use Greek yogurt and egg whites to create a moisture-packed face mask.

    3. If you have dry skin, mix up a mask using egg whites and avocados.

    4. Combine three powerhouse ingredients and kiss dry skin goodbye.

    5. Help heal damaged strands with an avocado and egg yolk hair mask.

    6. Olive oil added to Greek yogurt makes an amazing deep conditioner.

    7. Soothe your scalp with olive oil and lemon juice.

    8. Get natural highlights with lemon juice.

    9. Lemon juice strengthens nails and gives them a brighter, healthier look.

    10. Your cuticles will love olive oil.

    11. Want healthier nails? Eat more avocado!

    You don't have to spend a crazy amount on new products to get pretty. Raid your own kitchen for all the tools you need.

    Note: As with any new product, be sure to test on a small patch of skin or section of hair for allergens or adverse reactions.