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27 Things Every Woman Business Traveler Should Know

BYOT (Bring Your Own Tampons).

1. Get a carry-on-sized rolling bag that you can attach another bag to.

2. If you need a bag big enough to check, get a lightweight yet sturdy rolling bag.

3. Though in general, you should try to not check a bag. But if you have to, make sure to pack some clothes in your carry-on.

4. If you bring a garment bag on the plane, the flight attendants will usually let you store it in the closet.

5. Put your travel-size stuff in a quart-sized Ziploc bag (even though they might not force you to take it out).

6. If you think your bag is overweight, your best bet is to try to check it curbside.

7. Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane.

8. Get TSA Pre and Global Entry.

9. You must be loyal to one airline.

10. Wear a scarf on the plane.

11. Remove your rings and bracelets when you get on board.

12. Wear leggings.

13. Pack layers and clothes that all coordinate.

14. Bring your own tampons.

15. Get a gel manicure before you leave.

16. Bring an eye mask and earplugs.

17. Don't drink on the plane.

18. Bring your own snacks.

19. Invest in a lightweight but sturdy mini-umbrella.

20. Invest in a high-quality travel hair dryer.

21. Invest in a travel clothes steamer.

22. Invest in good noise-canceling headphones.

23. Tide To Go pen.

24. Bring a small bag (that closes) for dirty clothes.

25. Know which hotel toiletries you like.

26. Give your house a quick cleanup before you leave.

27. Take the batteries out of your vibrator unless you want it quietly buzzing in the overhead bin or as it goes around on the carousel.

Many thanks to the traveling ladies of BuzzFeed for their help!