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Happy Thoughts About The Internet

The internet can be a dark and scary space sometimes, so here are some reminders and examples of online communities proving that wrong.

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This includes fan sites such as this one where you can participate in the fandom by editing pages and creating your own content.


It's more fun to be a fan with others who care just as much as you do! And where else can you discuss in depth every single detail about a show and create theories about what might happen next?

Some of these communities exist just to provide emotional support.

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If you're shy, it's definitely easier to talk and share information when you can't see other people's faces. It's also nice to know that other people might be going through difficult times too.

Some communities may have an obvious and direct impact offline.


There's nothing more important than finding your lost puppy! In this case, it's possible because people in the same physical community are connected online.

Some online communities are changing their ways to become more inclusive.


Although you can only choose male or female when you sign up for a Facebook account, there are more gender options you can select later on.

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