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12 Life-Saving Household Items For The End Of Days

Better hold onto a few things. Check out these handy hacks before watching the pros on National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Preppers, on Tuesdays at 9/8c. They give a whole new meaning to "resourceful."

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2. Toothpaste

Can't see the road ahead because your headlights are covered in mud?

Squeeze some toothpaste onto a towel and get to scrubbing. Use non-whitening brands to avoid smudging.

3. Nail Polish

Got matches, but concerned about them getting wet?

Dip your matches into nail polish to make them waterproof. You can also dip rope into nail polish to prevent fraying.

5. Cloth

Water pipes have been compromised and things are looking a little... brown?

Fill up a glass with the dirty water, and place it beside an empty glass. Roll up a piece of cloth. Put one end of the cloth into the dirty water and one end into the empty glass. Let sit. Eventually, clear water will absorb into the cloth and drip into the empty glass.

7. Needles

Lost in the woods with nothing but a sewing kit?

Build a makeshift compass with a needle and a leaf. Rub the needle on your shirt, place it on a leaf, and place the leaf in still water. The needle will spin and point North.

10. Soda Cans

Hungry but not thirsty?

Turn your soda can into a full-blown fishing rod. Break the can's tab to make for a sharp hook, attach it to fishing line, and wrap the line around the can to make a reel.

11. Bar Soap

Worried you have a gas leak and there's no handyman to call?

Rub bar soap over the pipes. If things start to bubble, you probably have a leak. If not, you just have soap on your pipes.

12. Mouse Traps + Glow Sticks = Alarm System

Worried someone has been trespassing on your post-apocalyptic property?

If you have a mouse trap, a glow stick, and some string, you can build your own alarm system. Place the glow stick on the base of the mouse trap, and attach the string to the mouse trap's trigger. Pull the string tight across the door. If the door is opened, the mouse trap will trigger, and hit the glow stick. A lit glow stick will prove someone tried to break in.