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Donut King Just Upgraded Their Coffee, If You Needed Another Reason To Chow Down Donuts Before 9 A.M.

I think we just found your new local.

It doesn't need to be said, really — everyone knows that Aussies love their coffee.

Which is why the legends over at Donut King have gone and spilled the beans on some pretty stellar news — they've upgraded their coffee to be 100% arabica blend, which means you can sip on a sweet cap, while tucking into their famous hot cinnamon donuts.

In an open letter to their customers, Donut King announced that they were serving up a "smoother, sweeter flavour" and invited all Aussies to come and experience their best beans ever.

Every cup boasts a full-bodied taste of goodness, with hints of chocolate, roasted nuts and cacao (YUM!). And if you were worried you might not be able to order your usual, don't be — the new range includes cappuccino, flat white, latte, long black and mocha.

Daniel Donnelly, Marketing Manager at Donut King, said: "At Donut King, we are all about the overall experience and that has been at the heart of our decision to change our coffee beans!"

So if you needed another reason to head in-store for one of their world-class donuts, I think you've just found it with this piping hot bit of good news!

Donut King, the brand famous for being home to the hot cinnamon donut, is now giving Aussie tastebuds something new to talk about. Discover more about the new blend here.