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    Spend Your Day As A Princess And We'll Reveal Your Happily Ever After!

    and they all lived happily ever after...

    firstly... where will you live?
    choose your castle!
    what time will you wake up?
    pick some breakfast!
    pick an outfit!
    pick some shoes!
    choose your makeup look!
    choose a tiara!
    time for a snack!
    pick your prince!
    • Niall Horan
    • Prince Naveen
    • The Beast
    • Harry Styles
    • Donald Trump
    • Shakespeare
    how will you be spending your afternoon?
    pick some flowers from your garden!
    choose your talking animal sidekick!
    time for dinner!
    what is for dessert?
    how will you spend your evening?
    which magical item/power would you like to possess for the day?
    • a wand
      Air Melody on Unsplash
    • rapunzel's hair
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • a flying carpet
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • ability to talk and sing to animals
      Interesting Engineering
    who will be your nemesis for the day?
    • Mother Gothel
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • Ursula
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • Scar
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • Gaston
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • Cruella De Vil
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • Captain Hook
      Walt Disney Pictures
    what bed will you be sleeping in tonight?
    finally... who will be your princess bestie?
    • mulan
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • belle
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • cinderella
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • rapunzel
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • tiana
      Walt Disney Pictures
    • moana
      Walt Disney Pictures
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