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What Questions Would Bees Ask If They Could Speak?

What are we doing as a society that is hurting bees and what we can do to turn it around?

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1. Why do my family and friends keep disappearing?


Since the late 1990s, beekeepers around the world have observed the mysterious and sudden disappearance of bees, and report unusually high rates of decline in honeybee colonies.

2. Why does my body hurt and feel funny after my long day of work? / Via

The most important thing that bees do is pollinate. Pollination is needed for plants to reproduce, and so many plants depend on bees or other insects as pollinators. Bees livelihoods can be affected by the pesticides and herbicides that farmers use on their plants. Pesticides may kill quickly or, worse, kill slowly. If not immediately killed, bees can carry the contaminated pollen back to the colony where it enters the food chain and kills many more.

3. Will I live long enough to start a family?


Losses from colony collapse disorder (CCD) are heavy right now. Population losses of bees are below the level are sustainable; if there are anymore loses the colony is heading toward zero. A startling two-thirds of beekeepers in the USDA survey reported losses above the threshold, suggesting that the pollination industry is in trouble.

4. Why are there humans disturbing our home?

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It is common for bees to build their hives near residential areas. Young children and many adults are not aware of the impact the bees have on us, therefore, causing them to their destroy their hives or mess with them. Honey bees will only sting when they feel the need to protect their hive or when they are alarmed in some way, after a bee sting, they die shortly after. Therefore, do not bother their living space and if it becomes a serious problem have a professional remove the hive!

5. If all we do is help why do they always hurt us?

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As a society, we have the tendency to consume and upon our trail of consumption, there tends to be a path of destruction. Humans are the main contributor to the downward spiral of the bees population. To United States agriculture alone, the annual value of honey bee pollination can be counted in billions of dollars by producing food and enriching our environment. Humans eat their honey, use their wax, and rely on bees to help our food grow, benefiting us all. Honey can be found in many foods and drinks, but there are also hundreds of health and beauty products with honey as a main ingredient. Bees also play an important role in the life cycle of most plants and flowers. Without bees we would not have many of the luxurious things we have in our life today.

6. If we cannot longer breed due to shortage in our species, what will they do?

Many farmers, recognizing the important role that bees play in pollination, renting beehives to ensure the best pollination of their fruit and other crops. But if there are no beehives to rent, there would be no natural crops for humans to eat. Our diets would still suffer tremendously. The variety of foods available would diminish, and the cost of certain products would surge.

7. Do they care enough to help us, if it means helping them too?

After pollinating the plants, bees often get tired and struggle to find food and a fresh source of water. By setting up a refreshment station, you are helping the bees power through their hard work. Another way to help would be to plant flowers and herbs such as Ideal plants include Hawthorn, Portuguese Laurel, Winter Honeysuckle, Lilac, Rosemary, Lavender, Fuchsia and Hydrangea and many more. These flowers and herbs will not only help the bees, but it will also allow you to have fresh smell and beautiful view outside your house, apartment or even neighborhood.

8. What actions do the humans need to take to save our world and our lives?

A great way to avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals on crops would be to grow organically. Practicing organic gardening encourages an array of birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife in order to keep pests under control, the way that nature intended. Gardening at home is not possible for all people so another way to help the bees, would be to support local and organic farmers.

9. With all of the modern technology why do they think it is okay to make robots of us?


The invention of RoboBees puts technologists in a face-off against the organic movement and the latter does not apply to food alone. It applies to life and what constitutes it, and how our ongoing engagement on this planet is becoming an increasingly intimate dance with technology. The continuation of support for local farmers and organic producers whose methods support healthy, non-robotic bee populations with non-genetically modified produce that lessen our toxic load is what is going to stop these robot bees from coming into affect. Just because a robot seems cool does not mean we should continue to kill species that live withing our ecosystem.

10. Help save the bees y'all, get BUZZY!!!!!

With all of the different types of social media websites and apps, there are so many ways to get connected and informed. From Tumbler blogs or Instagram post, there are so many resources and chat rooms to become apart of. If you truly want to know more about how to save the bees at home, get involved and take a stand.There are so many different ways to be a voice as well as a helping hand to the bees, there are many ways to help them and it starts with us!!

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