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    Old Maps Show Exactly How Much Traveling Used To Suck

    Are we there yet? How about now? Now?

    Traveling cross-country in 1800? Hope you're ready to walk forever.

    Even with a horse, travel was long and hard. Most people never bothered.

    Philadelphia - 2 Days

    Columbus - 3 Weeks

    Milwaukee - 2 Months

    (Future Site Of) Sacramento - 1+ Years

    By 1830, travel was revolutionized as passenger trains became more widespread.

    But train speeds capped out at 30 mph, so travel was still time consuming. (But fancy!)

    Philadelphia - 1 Day

    Columbus - 1 Week

    Milwaukee - 1 Month

    Sacramento - 6 Months

    A hundred years later, things were much improved.

    By now, trains were topping out at speeds of 99 mph. Zoooooom!

    Philadelphia - Less than an hour

    Columbus - 1 Day

    Milwaukee - 1 Day

    Sacramento - 4 Days

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