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    7 Most Traumatizing Times Satan Appeared In Cartoons

    Childhood was fraught with surprise visits from the devil. He must have a really good agent.

    7. Hades - "Hercules"

    More "sassy gay friend" than evil villain, Disney scrubbed most of the scary right of the god of the underworld.

    6. The Red Guy - "Cow and Chicken"

    A scam-artist shapeshifter who walks on his butt? Disturbing, but not because he's scary.

    5. Aku - "Samurai Jack"

    An immortal dark god with superhuman strength, the power of interstellar travel, laser-beam eyes, and control of the elements who dabbles in necromancy? That is how you do scary shapeshifting.

    4. Katz - "Courage The Cowardly Dog"

    There's just something about his calm cruelty that lingers with you well after the show is over.

    3. Him - "Powerpuff Girls"

    For a falsetto cross-dresser with fabulous taste in boots, HIM radiates a malevolence that unsettles even grown adults.

    2. Hunson Abadeer - "Adventure Time"

    It take true evil to trap your daughter in your all-powerful demon suit so you can drink beer and watch football on Sundays.

    1. Chernabog - "Fantasia"

    Disney continues to traumatize generations of children by sneaking in a Satanic ritual into the end of a movie about dancing mushrooms and frolicking centaurs.

    Honorable Mention: Robot Devil - "Futurama"

    View this video on YouTube

    Not for kids, but a delightful singing voice.

    Honorable Mention: Satan - "South Park"

    Definitely not for kids! But only Matt Stone and Trey Parker could make the Lord of Evil into a sympathetic character in a bad relationship.

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