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Mass Effect FemShep Barbie Needs To Be Real

How this isn't in mass production as I type is a travesty. Tired of waiting for Bioware to get on the ball, Introverted Wife took it upon herself to give little girls everywhere a Barbie with body armor and an Omni-Tool.

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Over at her blog, Introverted Wife goes through the step-by-step process of creating Commander Shepard from a store bought Barbie. Over the course of two weeks, she hand crafted body armor, weapons, and a transparant orange Omni-Tool for FemShep to use.

Somehow after all this, Introverted Wife was displeased with her end results, but if you (like me) think this is awesome, her entire process is documented here if you have a little girl in your life that needs some more badass women in kevlar to balance out all the pink.

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