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    Husband Subsists Only On Breast Milk

    As a mother of two, I feel qualified when I say, "Ewwwwwwww." Rather than let the terrifyingly large backstock of his wife's breast milk go bad, this father has stepped up to the challenge to drink as much of it as possible.

    Curtis and Katie are the proud parents of three children. Unfortunately all three were born premature and had to spend time in the NICU. During their eldest child's stay, Katie got in the habit of pumping every two hours so that her milk wouldn't dry up. This practice continued for the next two kids until Curtis and Katie had the stockpile of breast milk pictured above.

    They tried to donate the excess to a local milk bank (yes, these apparently exist...the more you know *rainbows*) but due to Katie being on antibiotics at the time they were turned down. With the family moving out of state and estimates to move and store the milk ranging around $1,000 Curtis came up with the idea to try and drink the milk.

    When asked why they didn't just throw it out, Katie stated it's because she's a hoarder she has a personal attachment to the milk.

    And because you can't do anything this...unique...alone, Curtis started a blog about the experience, aptly called Don't Have A Cow, Man.

    The Rules:

    - Nothing to eat or drink except breast milk.

    - Blog daily about how he is feeling and how it is going.

    - See how many days he can make it without other food.

    Note: Curtis is on Day 3 as of this write-up.