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    Did A Superman Character Get A "Man Of Steel" Sex Change?

    The game is afoot! Eagle-eyed sleuths noticed something peculiar about one of Clark Kent's roster of friends. (Warning: Spoilers inside!)

    Over the weekend, IMDB might have spilled the beans. The site, not always an arbiter of correct casting, listed Rebecca Buller as Jenny Olsen in the new Man of Steel remake by Zack Snyder. Yet no actor is listed as Jimmy Olsen.

    A quick perusal of the trailer shows what appears to be Buller at the 1:53 mark fleeing from a crumbling building with Lawrence Fishburne. Fishburne is playing Perry White, traditionally cast as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet. Couple that with Buller's attire and official-looking lanyard, and the case can be made Jimmy Olsen is dead, long live Jenny Olsen.

    Recasting iconic characters as people of color to make up for the homogenous nature of the Golden Age of comic books has become commonplace enough that casting Fishburne as Perry White caused barely a batted eye. It seems only a natural progression to take artistic license in order to give women more diverse and meaningful screen time.

    BuzzFeed reached out to both Warner Bros. and DC Comics for comment but as of publishing has not heard back. We'll update with news as it comes in.

    h/t: Comic Book Movie.