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    Dear Hollywood: Cast Gina Torres As Wonder Woman

    Seriously, I'm not messing around. Now that Amazon has been tabled, it's time to get serious about Diana.

    Gina Torres is well-known in science-fiction circles as a versatile character actress. She has been Cleopatra on Xena, a freelance assassin on Alias, an evil god bent on enslaving humanity on Angel, and a pirate queen on Hercules, among others. Her most well-beloved role, though, was as first mate Zoë Washburne on Joss Whedon's cult classic Firefly.

    Of course, a geek pedigree isn't a good enough reason to hand her one of the most famous super-heroines of all time. But combined with the following, she's the perfect fit.

    Gina Torres isn't 12 years old.

    Gina Torres is statuesque and gorgeous.

    Gina Torres knows how to be a badass.

    Gina Torres tempers her badass characters with human emotion.

    Gina Torres already IS Wonder Woman.

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    No, seriously. Doesn't she sound amazing?