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    9 Inspired Ways To Create Melted Crayon Art

    Because drawing with crayons is boring. If you're looking for a fun, easy, cheap art project this winter, you can't go wrong crayon on canvas.

    1. Start Out Learning The Basics Of Melting Crayons Onto Canvas.

    2. Use A Brush Or Sponge If You Want To Create A Softer Look.

    3. Or Create A Different Color Palette.

    4. Add Other Touches To Make More Dynamic Works Of Art.

    5. Remember: Melted Crayons Can Show A Range Of Emotion.

    6. For A Different Project, Crayons Fit Perfectly Into A Hot Glue Gun!

    7. If You Have A Lot Of Broken Crayons Lying Around, Make Some Impressionist Paintings.

    8. If Pointillism Is More Your Thing, Break Out Some Tea Lights And Get To Work.

    9. Or Add Tape To A Blank Canvas To Create Patterns And Shapes.