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    13 Cats That Want To Help You Move

    These cats are the best moving buddies. And you don't even have to bribe them with pizza and beer.

    1. Hey wake up! It's moving day!

    2. Awww yes. These air bubbles are just right for your wedding china.

    3. This paper passes crinkle inspection. Proceed.

    4. Not sure these packing peanuts are soft enough. Give me 15 more minutes.

    5. SOON...this box will be full of knick-knacks.

    6. All packed? All right, let's move!

    7. Well shit. Now we have to unpack.

    8. But don't worry! We'll help you paint.

    9. And get everything set up just so.

    10. Quit goofing off and hang up that picture human!

    11. One final touch...

    12. Whoo! We're finished!

    13. Moving is hard work. Let's reward ourselves with a nap.

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