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20 Scents That Secretly Defined Your Childhood

Olfactory memories are extremely intense. You might not remember these smells...but your brain does.

1. Crayons

2. Hot Asphalt

3. New Textbooks

4. Fresh Band-Aid

5. Nintendo Cartridges Warm From The Machine

6. Cigar Smoke

7. Gasoline

8. Tire Swing

9. Inside The Freezers At The Grocery Store

10. Rubber Cement

11. T

The tanlines from my sandals are lovely🙄

12. Linoleum

13. Mothball

14. Sharpies/Permanent Markers

15. Chlorine

16. Dryer Sheets

17. Campfire

18. Fresh Cut Grass

19. Brand New Shoes

20. Play-Doh

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