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    11 Examples Of Super-Heroine Eye Art

    Inspiring comic book eye art you can actually recreate at home. Because the office frowns on full body cosplay.

    1. Ms. Marvel

    Dawnielle, or Siryn as she goes by on her website, is a consummate geek. She loves anime, video games, comic books, and steampunk. And make-up. With hard work and some creativity she's been able to combine these loves into a successful blog and burgeoning career.

    As a costume designer, you can see her work in Castle or the movie Paul or at the amazing yearly Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball. (Seriously, click that link if you were a child of the '80s).

    The best part about Siryn is she actually tells you how to recreate any of her designs. Like a particular superheroine? Click the link to find out exactly what products to get, or give you a jumping off point to make it your own.

    Not a fan of comic books? No problem. Do you like Sailor Moon? Nintendo? Dragons? Monster High? She's got you covered.

    2. Jubilee

    3. Delirium

    4. Elektra

    5. Spider-Woman

    6. Psylocke

    7. She-Hulk

    8. Storm

    9. Wonder Woman

    10. Phoenix

    11. Dark Phoenix